Monday, February 8, 2010


I couldn't resist...I had to get out for a day, I attended an auction sale in Alta, IA. The sale was totally packed, over packed to be honest. Tables loaded up, boxes stashed underneath the tables, isles crammed...three parties is what we were told. The sun came out that day, people obviously felt like getting out because there were over 200 of us crazed buyers in attendance. You couldn't see what was being auctioned for the first hour. I took a couple of stabs at buying during this period. One of my treasures in that was a box of hymnals, music and bound music books.

Next, I watched in quiet hesitation and let a couple of gems slip by (a dresser, an adorable table & chairs...ughh and another table & chairs...) but did pick up this adorable green cupbooard.

The crowd then settled, spread out...I could breath. Although a bit hesitant, I next picked up a beautiful solid oak door (huge in style) with a beveled glass insert. Something that would have been in a school, office building, courthouse...I wonder now where it came from. Should make an awesome display piece, sure to be sold at the Bonanza, if I can just keep the glass from getting broke. On to boxes and boxes of items again...piled nearly on top of each other but at least this time the crowd stayed assembled and orderly.

I just couldn't resist these little matchbox covers. So vintage, so graphic and inspiring. A friend suggested they'd make awesome t-shirt design!...and they would.
I just love auctions, I love the escape, concentration, competition of it. I know for many of my friends, it's too much time. For me, it doesn't feel like too much...