Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home projects. Kitchen work progress.

Slowly but surely bits and pieces are getting finished on the kitchen update. Thanksgiving weekend cupboards painted (lowers). This week flooring installed. Absolutely love!! Changes everything to a more updated look. Jim also painted walls, installed new lighting (thankful he doesn't mind electrician work). Completing the cupboard painting (uppers), adjusting refrigerator space, and wainscoting on the counter extension left to finish. 2012 completion goal? Hope you can tell what is before photo vs after....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Home projects. Entry One

Fabric arrived. This is a before and after on the recovering projects on the diningroom chairs. Hubby removed seat; I cut, placed and stapled new fabric to the seat. Viola! Instant color galore! I'm very excited about the colors and possibilities it created for our home decor.

Also added a valance in the that room to the sheers already hanging. Color of the valance accents nicely without distracting from the overall look.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter=Home Projects

I'm busy planning some winter home projects. Yes! at my home.

#1. Kitchen: Since I can not afford to totally redo the entire kitchen & layout of my kitchen & diningroom, I'll do this simple facelift to buy us a few more years. Hopefully at that point we can change the entire look! For now, we'll be painting the existing birch cupboards (original to the house). I'm going to put up some wainscoting on one of the counter/island areas & most likely paint that a different color than the rest of the cupboards....perhaps a ship gray? Cupboards are going to be a Linen color. On one end of my counter, there is an opening, currently just held by a spindle. Having a bookshelf put in that area under the counter. Future home for cookbooks, baskets for brief storage holding. Flooring: Dikken's is our vinyl flooring supplier! Since we're covering the red/white checked tiles (again, original to the house) it's going to be dramatic. We've chosen a grey toned, slate style look. Dramatically different Other minor improvements include making room for a larger refrigerator someday....I want an icemaker/water refrigerator & they won't fit in our existing space. The 1950's shelves & trim around the sink are also going.

#2. Diningroom: Want some color injected. Want to liven up the space from my diningroom to the livingroom (adjoining rooms). To begin, recovering the seats on my chairs. New fabric ordered! Here's what I picked out. It's colorful & black base. (Earlier this summer we painted the walls a pale grey tone. Now just need to add a little color boost.

Added two antique column posts (from Ms. Mac's Antiques). Right now I have them in the diningroom, however they'll work in any room. The wood is deep & rich in these posts & I love the statement they're making in my home right now. Super for Holiday Decorating.

I'll be posting as I go! Hopefully some cool transformation photos to share.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ms. Mac's Extra Ordinary Christmas Blast!

Tonight I was determined to hit the Ms. Mac's Holiday Open House....and I did. It was breath taking, almost over-the-top. Certainly a sensory overload. Awesome to be there with my family & to see so many junking friends there too. Congrats to Susie, Ron & Jess (and the rest) for having such a super night & lovely turn out. I happily found some old dark wood pillars for sprucing up my interior...instant character. I also picked up a few other odds and ends. My photos below just simply don't do justice to what you'll behold at Ms. Mac's but it was oddly what moved me tonight....

Susie was the inspiration on how I got started for actually selling & being involved with antiques. She helped me understand how to open my shop (and continue when I decided to only do shows), how to display and buy right. I find her a continued source of inspiration!

Thanks for helping me get in the holiday mood Janesville gang! And thanks to my loved ones for letting me drag you to yet another junking adventure....XXOO

Milwaukee in the Fall 2011

Natali and I took a little road trip this Fall to see Jon and Kelly. What an awesome long weekend we had. Everyone was so comfortable in their own skin and on their own terms. I had the best time! Including a wee little junking time and load. J & K nearing residency travel and excitement. So wonderful their approaching this phase, they've worked so hard! Even has time for Pumpkin beer made in Milwaukee.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Prairie Chick Show! Friday rundown.

Opening night photos! Thanks so much to everyone who came. Oh so much fun to share and visit with "prairie" friends. The schoolhouse was beautiful and we so appreciate all the positive energy and well wishes received. We will be open on Saturday, Nov 5 from 9:00-4:00 pm.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prairie Chicks Show

My antique/creative mind is on overload thinking of the next show I'm participating in. The show is November 4 & 5, 2011. The Prairie Chicks Furniture Sale.

The chick hostess Shelly Greimann has created a lovely show place in what is a former country schoolhouse. The prairie site location is perfect! The schoolhouse is located at 35500 90th Street, Blue Earth, MN (follow the swimming pool road west out of Blue Earth city limits, follow that road until it curves to the south, continue south for approx. 1/2 a mile to 90th Street, turn right, travel approx. 1 mile). Many grain bins are also located at the corner you will turn right to go west on 90th street. The old country schoolhouse will be worth the trip into the Blue Earth countryside...

Once you arrive, the site promises an awesome mix of vintage primitive junk, re-purposed furniture, beautifully handcrafted pieces and accessories of all Mama Peacock jewelry/pins! Something for every junker to enjoy...I'm enjoying the process of prepping.

I'm certain, beyond a doubt, you'll feel the love the minute you walk in. A perfectly styled country kitchen, fun & colorful displays, ....and look a the floor on the main level. Once the first floor tour is taken (and you've grabbed some snacks/cider), continue to the attic. My fav, the space suits me & my junk/primitive style. It's an open classic wood attic with so much charm....and a new stairway & bannister! I'll post a sneak peak so you can see for yourself next week.

Thanks Chicks!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gotta love a school sale!

I absolutely love school sales. Lately, we've had a few in our area. When new schools get built or consolidated, the old is retired (so to say) and the extra items are sold. At the sale, the group of bidders moves room to room bidding on what's available in that area/room. It's really quite fun. The pace is fast, they're wasting no time & generally, items are sold in lots and grouped together which is also quite fun. Last weekend, I traveled to Algona (found it by watching one of an auctioneer website), sort of just lucked out for finding it at the last minute. It wasn't overly attended which also makes it fun because there was certainly an opportunity for all to buy.
There were so many of these cute little teacher tables. Drawer & pull out.

Maps were scarce. I did bid to get this lot of 3. 2 of them have multiples...sweet!

This little cupboard is cuter than it appears. The knobs got painted over so I'm gonna see what we might be able to do about that. I would also love to find a cute top for it. Note on the top of this the cute apothecary jar!

Now these are a project! Thinking enamel paint on wood handles & a floral recovering project for the winter! The aluminum lets are great!

On Monday we traveled back to Algona to pick up Jim's baby....a gorgeous roll-top desk. Everything is beautiful on it & he was elated at the find. Amazing what the new i-phone can do when hubby is working and I'm auctioning. Within minutes he was able to see & respond & I bought it for him based on this little photo
Desk home in one piece. Happy in it's new place! Hubby is too!