Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Over the summer I have been following Melody Ross, Brave Girls Club. I took an online class this summer called Soul Restoration II....I'm still in process with it all. I did looked forward to what was coming next (when I took the online weekly sessions)...and to the ongoing soul work that will come by just taking the class. I think it may be a work in process for years to come. Here is a link to one of her latest posts on her website....perhaps this will help you understand why I've been following her....Someday you will understand....Melody Ross

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Estate Sale Saturday!

Spent a early bird trip to Albert Lea hitting the jackpot with 3 estate sales. First one was day one. So-so for finds. Second, was a special breed of it's own....second day of this sale! Really hit the jackpot and the bulk of what I brought home came from this sale! Sort of a hoarder special, had to look and then look again to be certain I wasn't missing. I know there was more I should have taken from this sale. 1/2 price too. Third sale, day 3 of this one. 1/2 price and captured a super cool green table, nice and long. Had a truck full coming back to BE in time for a 12:00 tennis match of my daughters!

This little olive lovely has wonderful fringe! She's adorable!

Tin drawer was a secret until I loaded....makes the find even more fun! Enamel top in great shape!
Red drawers! Rarely do we find red so nice....liked the little bench too!

Basket was one of those finds that I certainly could have walked right by at the sale #2. It was behind some things on a shelf. Typewriter stand is buried in the row.
Little stinker skunk statues! Love them. Remind later I have a fun skunk story to share from my childhood. Lord.
Nice graphics on the old hat boxes!

Sorter Bins, two! Stackable and sturdy.
Green table is an awesome color, bench worked good with it too!
Iron great! Bench not so old but weathered nicely.
Twirling anyone? 4 of them together, I couldn't pass them up!

To be arbors! A nice Jim project....

Bonanza 2011

Junk Bonanza 2011

We arrived at Shakopee by about 8:45 am. Luckily could pull into the door that is next to our booth space...yippee! (Always a worry, loading and unloading is the worst). In this photo, Morgen helping us with the unload...it's always such a mad, mad dash to get unloaded and in our spot. I love this photo! Like she could handle it all....

Day One Set up....Above, Morgen works her magic. Jim is taking a nap. Nice! Various booth shots follow....arbors work wonderfully for height in the booth, building displays around them, allows us to pack into the booth more and more and more.....

Loved this look out front. Everything you can see in this photo (except maybe 6 trays and 3 yardsticks) was sold before we came home!

This was the morning of day three (after the sale of the shop table, which sent my husband into back spasms and pain which he is still trying to recover from...).

Day Two....Shop Table is present in the middle of the arbor. So very happy this piece sold...not sure how I would have gotten it back home?!@&##!! Note: Trays shrinking! and nice greasy can lid huh?

School flags were a hit, and so were the buggy wheels!