Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gotta love a school sale!

I absolutely love school sales. Lately, we've had a few in our area. When new schools get built or consolidated, the old is retired (so to say) and the extra items are sold. At the sale, the group of bidders moves room to room bidding on what's available in that area/room. It's really quite fun. The pace is fast, they're wasting no time & generally, items are sold in lots and grouped together which is also quite fun. Last weekend, I traveled to Algona (found it by watching one of an auctioneer website), sort of just lucked out for finding it at the last minute. It wasn't overly attended which also makes it fun because there was certainly an opportunity for all to buy.
There were so many of these cute little teacher tables. Drawer & pull out.

Maps were scarce. I did bid to get this lot of 3. 2 of them have multiples...sweet!

This little cupboard is cuter than it appears. The knobs got painted over so I'm gonna see what we might be able to do about that. I would also love to find a cute top for it. Note on the top of this the cute apothecary jar!

Now these are a project! Thinking enamel paint on wood handles & a floral recovering project for the winter! The aluminum lets are great!

On Monday we traveled back to Algona to pick up Jim's baby....a gorgeous roll-top desk. Everything is beautiful on it & he was elated at the find. Amazing what the new i-phone can do when hubby is working and I'm auctioning. Within minutes he was able to see & respond & I bought it for him based on this little photo
Desk home in one piece. Happy in it's new place! Hubby is too!

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