Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Update!

Did a quick run to Fairmont early Saturday morning....wasn't there early enough to be in the first round of entries to get access to the sale....yikes! I was #20. I knew what I wanted based on the descriptions I had gotten ahead of time from the host and from the sale bill. When I finally did get to go (max wait was 5 minutes, not complaining truly) I went straight to the items. Below is my finest catch for the day. A lovely narrow but wide cupboard with evenly closing doors. Best of all, look at those Bakelite door handles...divine! Creamy white color, solid. The other pieces I got will be projects:

1. Rough box/crate cupboard, with shelves. Needs paint but also needs legs or knobs to stand on.
2. Embroidery hoops. With any of these projects in mind! Found at my new favorite website Pinterest!
3. A small shingled birdhouse, complete with a tree branch in the front yard base!
4. Mirror with wood swirl on top.
5. Pristine picnic basket with wood handles....super nice!
6. Aluminum drinking cups/glasses (what do you call an aluminum drinking device??!!)
7. Hamper and a few miscellaneous pieces
8. From the FREE zone: A Lampshade & some wood dowels perfect for upcoming projects....overall good day!

...contemplating a show in Des Moines called Junk Jubilee. It takes place April 27, 28 & 29. Talked with the gals that run it this week (Jan & Miccia). As I explained to them, I need to talk with the brawn (my husband) on if we want to give this a whirl....stay tuned!

Beautiful Fall Day, this lovely October 2nd!

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