Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ms. Mac's Extra Ordinary Christmas Blast!

Tonight I was determined to hit the Ms. Mac's Holiday Open House....and I did. It was breath taking, almost over-the-top. Certainly a sensory overload. Awesome to be there with my family & to see so many junking friends there too. Congrats to Susie, Ron & Jess (and the rest) for having such a super night & lovely turn out. I happily found some old dark wood pillars for sprucing up my interior...instant character. I also picked up a few other odds and ends. My photos below just simply don't do justice to what you'll behold at Ms. Mac's but it was oddly what moved me tonight....

Susie was the inspiration on how I got started for actually selling & being involved with antiques. She helped me understand how to open my shop (and continue when I decided to only do shows), how to display and buy right. I find her a continued source of inspiration!

Thanks for helping me get in the holiday mood Janesville gang! And thanks to my loved ones for letting me drag you to yet another junking adventure....XXOO

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  1. love your blog! your newist follower!
    Mark @ room363