Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter=Home Projects

I'm busy planning some winter home projects. Yes! at my home.

#1. Kitchen: Since I can not afford to totally redo the entire kitchen & layout of my kitchen & diningroom, I'll do this simple facelift to buy us a few more years. Hopefully at that point we can change the entire look! For now, we'll be painting the existing birch cupboards (original to the house). I'm going to put up some wainscoting on one of the counter/island areas & most likely paint that a different color than the rest of the cupboards....perhaps a ship gray? Cupboards are going to be a Linen color. On one end of my counter, there is an opening, currently just held by a spindle. Having a bookshelf put in that area under the counter. Future home for cookbooks, baskets for brief storage holding. Flooring: Dikken's is our vinyl flooring supplier! Since we're covering the red/white checked tiles (again, original to the house) it's going to be dramatic. We've chosen a grey toned, slate style look. Dramatically different Other minor improvements include making room for a larger refrigerator someday....I want an icemaker/water refrigerator & they won't fit in our existing space. The 1950's shelves & trim around the sink are also going.

#2. Diningroom: Want some color injected. Want to liven up the space from my diningroom to the livingroom (adjoining rooms). To begin, recovering the seats on my chairs. New fabric ordered! Fabrics.com Here's what I picked out. It's colorful & black base. (Earlier this summer we painted the walls a pale grey tone. Now just need to add a little color boost.

Added two antique column posts (from Ms. Mac's Antiques). Right now I have them in the diningroom, however they'll work in any room. The wood is deep & rich in these posts & I love the statement they're making in my home right now. Super for Holiday Decorating.

I'll be posting as I go! Hopefully some cool transformation photos to share.

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